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Homestay - attractive tourism type in Da Lat
In a short time, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the romantic highlands of Da Lat (Lam Dong) and are also able to approach, understand, learn more about culture, custom, and people… of the locals there. That is the reason for homestay tourism type in Da Lat is attracting many visitors, especially international ones.

Da Lat has been considered as a Little Paris in Vietnam for a long time. Besides the types of tourism that have become familiar to visitors in Da Lat such as outdoor tourism, eco- tourism, adventure tourism, culture tourism..., the homestay tourism is emerging as an innovative and attractive type.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nam - Branch Director of Grand Circle Corporation (an American company specializes in developing cultural tourism) in Vietnam explains that customers participating in homestay tourism are often the old ones and desire to enjoy the tranquil and happy atmosphere, while families in Da Lat have a warm and emotional style of living, and are very hospitable, therefore this type of tourism has attracted these customers.

Homestay tourism has attracted more and more international visitors to Da Lat, and also increasingly contributes to the goal of "every Da Lat citizen is a tourist guide." Joining homestay tour, visitors have opportunity to learn about daily life, custom of the locals, participate in their daily activities such as shopping, cooking, farming... while being guided by the locals to visit landscapes, cultural and historic relics of Da Lat and the surrounding areas in their trips.

Ms. Mae Thu, a Chinese American tourist said, she was pleased with the homestay tours in Da Lat. Da Lat City in Vietnam has many similarities with China and the locals here are very close and friendly. While the couple from the United States - Maken and Tim, revealed that Da Lat was real great. They felt living in Da Lat as at home. In addition, information on travel services to reference, such as tours, sightseeing routes in the surrounding areas, air booking offices, foreign newspapers,... are very adequate.

Right from homestay tourism begin to be developed in Da Lat, the local tourism-related businesses have been aware that this is a type of tourism associated with environmental protection. This is one of the criteria that visitors are very cared. To more and more develop homestay tourism, Lam Dong tourism authorities will organize training courses on communication and reception skills, tourism knowledge... for organizations and individuals working in community tourism in Da Lat.

Complied by Phuong Anh – Thanh Hai (TITC)

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